If you know anything about Ignite Church, you know we are a church whose foundation is based on PRAYER; we believe in both the power of prayer, as well as the importance of prayer!

As most parents probably know, prayer has been removed from our schools. But I honestly don’t think that that is the problem. I would contend that the real problem is that prayer has been systematically erased from the homes of Americans – a long time ago.

Our goal is not to get prayer back into our schools, or even the White House – our goal is to get prayer back into our homes!

Once prayer is back in our homes it will have the needed affect in our classrooms, schools, the White House, and also our communities.

When the disciples came to Jesus, they didn’t ask Him to TEACH them how to heal or to walk on water – Instead, they asked Him to teach them to PRAY.

One of the most remarkable character traits of Jesus Christ was that he led by example. Let’s look at the following story in the Bible:

One day, there was a crowd of people who were being baptized. Seeing this, Jesus himself got in line to be baptized. It is here, as Jesus is praying, that the Bible tells us that the heavens opened, and the Holy Spirit, in bodily form, descended upon Him like a dove. And a voice from heaven said, “You are my dearly loved Son, and you bring me great joy. (Luke 3:21-22)

What just happened? Jesus’ prayer opened the windows of Heaven.

It is often said that “Prayer is Earth giving Heaven license to interfere.”

In contrast, “Sin is Earth giving the demons license to interfere.”

The goal in prayer is not to get what you want, but to make sure the Heavens open up, because when the Heavens are open, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!

You don’t see Jesus experiencing a miracle, He doesn’t receive a super-natural flow of money, no new car, no breakthrough. He doesn’t find a wife, BUT HE HEARS GODS VOICE!

Prayer is not just about God hearing you, but it is also about you hearing (and listening) to God.

We can walk out of a time in prayer, and even if we don’t get that miracle, we need to make sure that we can, and have heard from God.

More important than getting a request granted is to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit who guides us and leads us. The voice of God may tell you “I know it seems like your child is not turning around, but I am working on him”. It may say “I know your health may not be changing, but I AM your healer, “and I am with you”.

Your situation may not immediately change but you will, even if it to feel His joy and content and peace. And in turn you will continue to Pray.

So, I encourage you to continue to pray. And know that prayer is just as much about talking to God, as it is about listening for Him, and hearing Him.